Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chairful Where You Sit in Arlington!

If you walk, run or bike along the Minuteman Path this week, you are in for a great surprise.  Just off the intersection at Lake Street, you’ll find the first ever public art exhibit to grace the town's historic bike path.  

Running through Sunday, August 12, the exhibition, Chairful Where You Sit, was organized by Arlington painter, educator and 13FOREST Gallery artist, Adria Arch, to benefit the Spy Pond Mural Project.  Arlington Public Arts plans to install a mural on the Boys and Girls Club overlooking Spy Pond and is in the process of raising $8,000 for the project.

In an open call to artists, Adria asked creative people to refurbish any old chair they could find, and donate it to the project.  The results are extraordinary.  There are paintings, rhinestones, mosaics, constellations, collages, decoupages, upholsteries and sculptures decorating previously unremarkable chairs.  One is made of clay and another is an open traveling trunk that has been repurposed into a seat.  The exhibit is a testament to creativity in Arlington.

An array of chairs in the exhibit

Besides being a remarkable example of public artwork, the exhibition is a great opportunity to support public art in Arlington.  The entire $100 purchase price of each chair will benefit the Spy Pond Mural Project and as of Tuesday afternoon, roughly half of the 32 chairs were sold.  Congratulations to Adria Arch, all of the artists and the rest of Arlington Public Arts!

Jules Verne Chair, Joy Steinberg

Racey Lacey, Adria Arch

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