Friday, December 30, 2011

Two Great Innovators

There have been many deaths in the art community this year. As we noted this summer, Cy Twombly passed, Lucian Freud as well. This week Helen Frankenthaler (one of my favorites) and John Chamberlain passed away. Similar to Twombly they weren't directly associated with Abstract Expressionism, but acted as the steps that succeeded the movement. Both created new ways to explore artistic expressions, Frankenthaler with her use of color and Chamberlain with his assemblage works. They held the torch that was first ignited by their American predecessors, lighting the way for future generations of their genre, including current artists at 13FOREST Gallery.

Roberta Smith of the New York Times eloquently delves into their influences and roles in the art world with the article "Two Artists Who Embraced Freedom".

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