Thursday, March 5, 2015


Watch on our blog as the work unfolds over the 8 week run of this exhibit! (Update: Stage 2)
ARTIST TALK this week - Fri 3/20, 7-9 pm

PROMPT : 5 artists. 4 installments. 8 weeks.
February 27 - April 24, 2015
Stage 1 - Opening Reception: Fri 2/27, 7-9 pm
Stage 2 & 3 - Artist Talk: Fri 3/20, 7-9 pm
Stage 4 - Closing Reception: Fri 4/17, 7-9 pm
Xiaowei Chen
Suzi Grossman
Vanessa Irzyk

Lindsey Kocur
Sarah Rushford

The artists in this evolving exhibition have been allotted wall sections in which they have been asked to map out a number of segments in any formation they like. On opening day of the exhibition, each artist will have added one work (or grouping of works) inside one of these segments, leaving the remaining empty. As the show progresses, about every two weeks, the artists will fill another segment with additional work. Over time their respective projects will be prompted by the exhibition segments and by each other's contributions to the site.


This exhibit considers how objects can perform and respond to each other within the framework of a gallery exhibition. Here the gallery walls will cease to be static receptacles of established work, and become a site for transformation and re-imagining as artists add new work over time. This process of making and un-making of meaning is typically hidden from the public within artists' studios. Prompt is a prolonged discourse that activates the gallery walls by both the artist and the public for a continued learning experience enriched by time. 

Updated 3/17/15 Images: Stage 2

Lines are being erased and more work added as this show moves towards its midpoint.

Comet in the Night, Xiaowei Chen

gold and golden, Sarah Rushford 

 I'm not always there when you call, but I'm always on time, Vanessa Irzyk

Unsparing Change, Lindsey Kocur

Handing Down the Family Collection, Suzi Grossman

Stage 1: Images

Left: I'm not always there when you call, but I'm always on time, Vanessa Irzyk Right: Comet in the Night, Xiaowei Chen

Unsparing Change, Lindsey Kocur

Comet in the Night, Xiaowei Chen

Handing Down the Family Collection, Suzi Grossman

gold and golden, Sarah Rushford

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