Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Last weekend was the Jamaica Plain Open Studios. An annual event organized by the Jamaica Plain Arts Council, dozens of local artists gathered to show, discuss, and sell their work.  When I started as an intern at 13FOREST a few weeks ago, I was aware that the gallery is part of a larger art scene and on Sunday I got to see firsthand what that entails.  As we planned our visit to Open Studios, we had two objectives: to catch up with artists already showing at the gallery and potentially, to find new artists for 13FOREST.

The first was fairly straightforward. Caroline Golden was showing at the Brewery. Her stall, with its antiqued wooden shelves perfectly complimented her vintage bakelite earrings and sterling silver charm necklaces.  We also saw Stephanie Mason, whose fish prints stood out as something disarmingly unique.  Utilizing a traditional technique employed by Japanese fishermen called gyotaku, Stephanie prints the ‘specimens’ that she keeps in her freezer.  That is to say, she actually takes the fish, applies watercolor to its scales and presses it to paper.   In her basement studio, printmaker Ellen Shattuck Pierce showed us some new ideas she was developing, including some interesting takes on wallpaper.  Other artists discussed their latest work with us and made plans to bring some new work to 13FOREST.
Time and Space Multiplied, sterling silver and bakelite necklace, Caroline Golden
Octopus, gyotaku fish rubbing and watercolor on paper, Stephanie Mason

The second aim, to find new artists, was more complicated. Every gallery maintains a particular aesthetic. It was interesting to evaluate art from a more objective point of view. Regardless of my own tastes in art, I had to take a step back and think about how certain works might appeal to the gallery’s customers. We found a few artists who we all thought would be great additions and I am personally looking forward to seeing their arrivals at 13FOREST.

The Bourgeoisie Gone Awry #2, collaged linoleum print, Ellen Shattuck Pierce

Among these new finds is Vincent Frano, a young illustrator whose works are teeming with references to Old World fairytales.  Perfect timing for autumn, as his first works at 13FOREST will be on display for Capitol Square’s second annual Day of the Dead Fiesta along with the works of Marc Cote, Steve Mardo and Joe Keinberger on November 2.

From the Forest, ink on paper, Vincent Frano

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